Chronos leverages several proprietary technologies.

Chronos technology is deployed using standard ASIC tools and flows and seamlessly integrates with traditional industry IPs and protocols (i.e. AMBA AXI, ACE, OCP, etc.).

Clockless Temporal Compression

Our proprietary temporal compression technology provides significant pin & routing reduction, leading to optimal metal layer utilization and substantial area savings.  

Chronos DI channels enable robust, secure and efficient on-chip and off-chip communication. Our unique features allow eliminating overheads seen in traditional design, resulting in latency reduction, minimal corner checks and boosted TTM.


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Chronos AccuGauge has the unique feature of allowing actual data-path performance measurement on a channel by channel basis. This technology enables expedited EV as well as simplified DPM and binning.

AccuGauge Technology

Delay Insensitive Channels

"We are bringing to market the newest smart IPs in the latest FinFET process nodes."  

Chronos Tech is a San Diego based privately owned company focused on the development of high value IPs  for SoC  silicon implementations. 

​Our disruptive technology drastically reduces SoC interconnects, enabling area and latency reduction, effortless integration of IPs and resilience to PVT. 

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